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    A tube series refers to a set of tubes that have been designed to work together as a system. These tubes are typically made from the same material and have the same dimensions, such as diameter and wall thickness, so that they can be easily connected and used in the same application.
    Tube series can come in different types of materials, such as metal (e.g. steel, aluminum, copper), plastic (e.g. PVC, nylon, polyethylene), and glass. The most common tube series are made of steel and used in industries such as construction, transportation, and oil and gas. They are usually applied in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and mechanical systems. There are also special tube series like seamless tube, welded tube and finned tube, each of these has specific characteristics, application and industries.
    Seamless tubes are typically stronger and more durable, while welded tubes are less expensive and faster to manufacture. Tube series are used for a variety of applications, including fluid and gas transfer, structural support, and heat exchange. They come in different sizes, diameters, and lengths, and are often custom manufactured to meet the specific needs of an application.

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