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Plastic connector series

A plastic connector series refers to a collection of plastic connectors that are designed to connect and disconnect different types of piping or tubing systems. These connectors are typically made from durable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant plastic materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, etc.
Plastic connector series can be classified into different types such as:
Compression fittings: which use a compression ring to secure the connection
Push-to-connect fittings: which use a collet and an O-ring to secure the connection
Barbed fittings: which have raised ridges or "barbs" that grip onto the tubing
Adapter fittings: which allow connecting different types or sizes of pipes
Plastic connector series are commonly used in a variety of industries and applications, such as automotive, home appliances, electronic, medical and chemical. They are often used in low-pressure applications and are ideal for use in applications that require corrosion resistance, light weight, and durability.
  • APC
    Tube(Metric)-Thread (R)
    APC-04-1/8 APC-08-3/8
    APC-04-1/4 APC-08-1/2
    APC-04-3/8 APC-10-1/8
    APC-04-1/2 APC-10-1/4
    APC-06-1/8 APC-10-3/8
    APC-06-1/4 APC-10-1/2
    APC-06-3/8 APC-12-1/8
    APC-06-1/2 APC-12-1/4
    APC-08-1/8 APC-12-3/8
    APC-08-1/4 APC-12-1/2
  • APB
    Tube(Metric)-Thread (R)
    APB-04-1/8 APB-08-3/8
    APB-04-1/4 APB-08-1/2
    APB-04-3/8 APB-10-1/8
    APB-04-1/2 APB-10-1/4
    APB-06-1/8 APB-10-3/8
    APB-06-1/4 APB-10-1/2
    APB-06-3/8 APB-12-1/8
    APB-06-1/2 APB-12-1/4
    APB-08-1/8 APB-12-3/8
    APB-08-1/4 APB-12-1/2
  • APD
    Tube(Metric)-Thread (R)
    APD-04-1/8 APD-08-3/8
    APD-04-1/4 APD-08-1/2
    APD-04-3/8 APD-10-1/8
    APD-04-1/2 APD-10-1/4
    APD-06-1/8 APD-10-3/8
    APD-06-1/4 APD-10-1/2
    APD-06-3/8 APD-12-1/8
    APD-06-1/2 APD-12-1/4
    APD-08-1/8 APD-12-3/8
    APD-08-1/4 APD-12-1/2
  • APL
    Tube(Metric)-Thread (R)
    APL-04-1/8 APL-08-3/8
    APL-04-1/4 APL-08-1/2
    APL-04-3/8 APL-10-1/8
    APL-04-1/2 APL-10-1/4
    APL-06-1/8 APL-10-3/8
    APL-06-1/4 APL-10-1/2
    APL-06-3/8 APL-12-1/8
    APL-06-1/2 APL-12-1/4
    APL-08-1/8 APL-12-3/8
    APL-08-1/4 APL-12-1/2
  • APV
    Tube(Metric) Tube(Inch)
    APV-04 APV5/32
    APV-06 APV3/16
    APV-08 APV1/4
    APV-10 APV5/16
    APV-12 APV3/8
    APV-14 APV1/2
  • APY
    Tube(Metric) Tube(Inch)
    APY-04 APY5/32
    APY-06 APY3/16
    APY-08 APY1/4
    APY-10 APY5/16
    APY-12 APY3/8
    APY-14 APY1/2
    APY-16 APY3/16-5/32
    APY06-04 APY1/4-3/16
    APY08-04 APY3/8-5/16
    APY08-06 APH1/2-3/8
  • APE
    Tube(Metric) Tube(Inch)
    APE04 APE12-10-12
    APE06 APE5/32
    APE08 APE3/16
    APE10 APE1/4
    APE12 APE5/16
    APE14 APE3/8
    APE16 APE1/2
    APE06-04-06 APE3/16-5/32-3/16
    APE08-04-08 APE1/4-3/16-1/4
    APE08-06-08 APE5/16-1/4-5/16
    APE10-06-10 APE3/8-5/16-3/8
    APE10-08-10 APE1/2-3/8-1/2
  • APU
    Tube(Metric) Tube(Inch)
    APU04 APU5/32
    APU06 APU3/16
    APU08 APU1/4
    APU10 APU5/16
    APU12 APU3/8
    APU14 APU1/2
    APU16 APU3/16-5/32
    APU06-04 APU1/4-3/16
    APU08-04 APU5/16-1/4
    APU08-06 APU3/8-5/16
    APU10-06 APU1/2-3/8

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Zhejiang Yalida Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is leading Plastic connector series manufacturers, suppliers and factory in China, We mainly produce nylon pipes, solenoid valves and various matching joints. We have a professional team to make customized products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers. No matter what accessories you need, we would be able to manufacture it for you. in addition to customized products, we also produce some metal accessories, which are mainly used in solenoid valves on textile machines, knitting machines, oxygen machines, carpet machines, and hosiery machines. OEM/ODM Plastic connector series

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Industry knowledge development

Breaking the Mold: How Plastic Connectors Are Reshaping the Electronics Industry

In the ever-evolving world of electronics, innovation and advancement are constant driving forces. Over the years, the electronics industry has witnessed remarkable progress in miniaturization, performance, and efficiency. One of the key contributors to this progress is the development and adoption of plastic connectors, which are revolutionizing the way electronic devices are designed and manufactured.
    Lightweight and Versatile Design
Traditionally, electronic connectors were primarily made from metals like copper and aluminum. However, with the rise of plastic connectors, manufacturers can now design more lightweight and compact devices. The versatility of plastic allows for intricate designs and diverse shapes, enabling connectors to fit into tighter spaces and accommodate the demands of modern compact electronics.
Plastic connectors are significantly more cost-effective than their metal counterparts. The production process of plastic connectors involves injection molding, which is faster and requires fewer resources compared to metal fabrication. As a result, the cost of manufacturing plastic connectors is lower, making them an attractive choice for electronics manufacturers looking to reduce production costs.
    Corrosion Resistance
Metal connectors are susceptible to corrosion, particularly in harsh environments or exposure to moisture. Plastic connectors, on the other hand, offer excellent corrosion resistance, making them ideal for use in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and marine applications. This property ensures a longer lifespan for devices and reduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.
    Electrical Insulation
Electrical insulation is a crucial aspect of connector design, as it prevents short circuits and ensures the safety of users. Plastic connectors possess excellent electrical insulation properties, reducing the risk of electrical failures and improving the overall reliability of electronic devices.
    Enhanced Performance and Reliability
Advancements in plastic materials engineering have led to the development of high-performance plastics that can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and mechanical stress. These robust plastic connectors offer enhanced performance and reliability, making them suitable for use in demanding applications like automotive electronics, aerospace systems, and industrial equipment.
    Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
As the world increasingly prioritizes sustainability, plastic connectors offer an advantage over traditional metal connectors. Many plastic materials used in connectors are recyclable, making them more eco-friendly and aligning with the industry's push for greener practices.
    Future Potential and Innovation
The adoption of plastic connectors has opened up new possibilities for future innovations in the electronics industry. With ongoing research and development in plastic technology, we can expect even more advanced and specialized plastic connectors tailored to specific applications and industries.
Plastic connectors have emerged as a game-changer in the electronics industry, reshaping the way electronic devices are designed, manufactured, and utilized. Their lightweight design, cost-effectiveness, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, enhanced performance, and sustainability make them an attractive choice for modern electronics manufacturers. As the demand for more compact and efficient devices grows, plastic connectors are likely to play an increasingly significant role in powering the next generation of electronics. With continuous advancements in plastic materials and manufacturing techniques, the future looks promising for plastic connectors and their continued impact on the electronics industry.

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