A professional manufacturer of solenoid valves, nylon tubes and various copper joints.

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A professional manufacturer of solenoid valves, nylon tubes and various copper joints.

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The durability and accuracy of our products is an investment that pays back from day one.

  • Tube SeriesTube Series

    Tube Series

    A tube series refers to a set of tubes that have been designed to work together as a system. These tubes are typically made from the same material and have the same dimensions, such as diameter and wall thickness, so that they can be easily connected and used in the same application.
    Tube series can come in different types of materials, such as metal (e.g. steel, aluminum, copper), plastic (e.g. PVC, nylon, polyethylene), and glass. The most common tube series are made of steel and used in industries such as construction, transportation, and oil and gas. They are usually applied in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and mechanical systems. There are also special tube series like seamless tube, welded tube and finned tube, each of these has specific characteristics, application and industries.
    Seamless tubes are typically stronger and more durable, while welded tubes are less expensive and faster to manufacture. Tube series are used for a variety of applications, including fluid and gas transfer, structural support, and heat exchange. They come in different sizes, diameters, and lengths, and are often custom manufactured to meet the specific needs of an application.

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  • Miniature Electromagnetic ValveMiniature Electromagnetic Valve

    Miniature Electromagnetic Valve

    A miniature electromagnetic valve is a type of valve that uses an electromagnetic coil to control the movement of a valve stem, which in turn regulates the flow of fluids or gases through the valve. These valves are commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as fluid power systems, HVAC systems, and process control systems. They are known for their small size and high flow capacity, as well as their fast response times and high reliability. They are available in a variety of designs and can be operated with AC or DC voltage. Some miniature electromagnetic valve can also be controlled with pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

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A professional

manufacturer and factory which specialize in manufacturing type of Miniature Solenoid Valves, Nylon Tubes, copper joints

. Other all kinds of plastic products and mini car cable, rubber parts, zinc plated parts, pneumatic components, copper pieces all koinds of machinery line. The company invested heavily in the ltaly new and high technology ,. independent research and development of new microelectromagnetic valve, suitable for kniting machinery. medical equipment, agricultural machinery, electronics and other CNC automaticcontrol equipment, annual output of more than 3,000,000, products sold at home and abroad, well received by customers.
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What are the main features of Direct Acting Miniature Electromagnetic Valve?

Compact structure and flexible installation: The design of the direct-acting micro solenoid valve is very compact. It consists of two parts: the electromagnet and the valve body. This integrated desig...


Compared with traditional valves, what are the advantages of Low power consumption combination valve in terms of energy efficiency?

Compared with traditional valves, Low power consumption combination valve have significant advantages in energy efficiency. These advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:Reduced power...


What types of systems are energy saving combination valves commonly used in?

Energy saving combination valves play a vital role in several critical areas, especially in systems that require fine control of fluid flow, temperature and pressure.HVAC system: energy saving combina...


How does the miniature priority valve energy saving combination valve prevent excessive pressure in the system?

The micro priority valve energy saving combination valve is an advanced hydraulic control device that effectively prevents excessive pressure in the hydraulic system through a series of unique designs...


How does the low-friction component design of Low power consumption high flow rate Membrane valve ensure efficient flow?

Material selection: In the manufacturing process of Low power consumption high flow rate Membrane valve, material selection is an important link. To ensure that the valve operates efficiently while al...


Compared with other types of valves, what are the unique advantages or characteristics of Low Pressure Seal Pneumatic Ultra Membrane valve?

The main design goal of low-pressure sealing pneumatic ultra-thin film valves is indeed to provide excellent sealing performance in low-pressure environments. The design concept of this valve focuses ...


In the chemical industry, how do Teflon hoses deal with various corrosive media such as strong acids and alkalis?

In the chemical industry, Teflon hoses can cope with various corrosive media such as strong acids and strong alkali due to their excellent corrosion resistance. This is mainly due to the polytetrafluo...


In what kind of environment should the Membrane Valve be stored to extend its service life?

In order to ensure that the Membrane Valve can maintain its optimal performance and extend its service life, the choice of its storage environment is crucial. Here are some suggestions on the storage ...


Is there any way to repair the RESIN TUBE when signs of damage or aging are found?

Timely detection of signs of damage or aging of the RESIN TUBE (resin tube) and timely repair or replacement are the keys to ensuring safe and stable operation of the system. Here are some suggestions...


Spiral air hose

When using a Spiral air hose, how can you avoid excessive bending and twisting to prevent damage to its internal structure?When using a Spiral air hose, avoiding excessive bending and twisting is key ...


How Do Low Power Consumption Combination Valves Improve Energy Efficiency?

In an era marked by escalating energy costs and growing environmental concerns, industries are increasingly turning to innovative solutions to enhance energy efficiency. Low power consumption combinat...


How do high-flow quick couplers improve efficiency in industrial production?

High-flow quick couplers play a vital role in industrial production, and their effective use can significantly improve production efficiency. Here are a few ways to help improve the efficiency of high...

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