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A connector series refers to a collection of connectors that are designed to connect and disconnect different types of electrical or mechanical systems. Connectors are used to join two or more conductors, devices or subsystems together, allowing the flow of electrical current, signal or data to pass through them. Connectors can be classified into different types based on the type of connection they provide, such as mechanical, electrical, or optical.
Some examples of different connector series include:
Electrical connectors: which are used to connect electrical systems and devices, such as wires, circuit boards, and power supplies
Mechanical connectors: which are used to connect mechanical systems, such as pipes, hoses, and structural elements
Fiber optic connectors: which are used to connect optical fibers and transmit data using light
RF connectors: which are used to connect radio frequency devices and cables
Automotive connectors: which are used to connect electrical systems in vehicles, such as lighting, audio, and power systems
Industrial connectors: which are used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as manufacturing, construction, and oil & gas industry
  • M10×φ3.17 Connector series
  • M3×φ3.17Connector series
  • M5×φ3.17Connector series
  • M5×φ3.17Connector series
  • M5×φ3.17Connector series
  • M10×φ4 Connector series
  • M10×φ6 Connector series
  • M5×φ4 Connector series
  • M5×φ6 Connector series

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Zhejiang Yalida Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is leading connector series manufacturers, suppliers and factory in China, We mainly produce nylon pipes, solenoid valves and various matching joints. We have a professional team to make customized products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers. No matter what accessories you need, we would be able to manufacture it for you. in addition to customized products, we also produce some metal accessories, which are mainly used in solenoid valves on textile machines, knitting machines, oxygen machines, carpet machines, and hosiery machines. OEM/ODM connector series

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