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Spiral air hose

Spiral air hose

When using a Spiral air hose, how can you avoid excessive bending and twisting to prevent damage to its internal structure?

When using a Spiral air hose, avoiding excessive bending and twisting is key to ensuring that its internal structure is not damaged. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid these problems:
1. Follow the bend radius:
Each type of Spiral air hose has its recommended bend radius. During installation and use, always ensure that this recommended bending radius is not exceeded. A bending radius that is too small may cause damage to the internal structure or fatigue of the material.
2. Avoid sharp angle bends:
Try to avoid sharp angles or right-angled bends. Such bends can create excessive stress inside the pipe, increasing the risk of damage. Try to make the bends as smooth as possible to reduce stress concentrations.
3. Support and fixation:
Where bends are required, use appropriate supports or fixtures to maintain the shape and stability of the Spiral air hose. This reduces distortion and excessive bending caused by external forces.
4. Avoid stepping on and oppression:
In the workplace, ensure that the Spiral air hose is not stepped on or compressed by people or equipment. This external pressure can cause damage or deformation inside the pipe.
5. Regular inspection:
Regularly inspect the flexure of the Spiral air hose, especially in areas that are frequently bent or moved. If any abnormal deformation or damage is found, prompt measures should be taken to repair or replace it.
6. Employee training and awareness raising:
Train and instruct employees who use Spiral air hoses on how to properly install and use the pipes and be aware of the risks that may arise from excessive bending and twisting.
7. Choose high-quality products:
Choose the Spiral air hose brand that is certified and has a good reputation. High-quality products generally have greater flexibility and durability, and are better able to resist damage from excessive bending and twisting.
Following these suggestions can effectively avoid excessive bending and twisting when using Spiral air hose, protect its internal structure from damage, thereby extending its service life and improving work efficiency.

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